Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm (still) lovin' it

This weekend I worked both Saturday and Sunday. Which is really hard especially when your hubby is all snuggled in bed and you loose an hour of sleep! But I made the best of it and started the weekend by treating myself to breakfast Saturday morning.

Yep an egg McMuffin minus the Canadian bacon. It is one of my favorites (don't judge)! I also treated myself with one of these.

It has been about 2 years since I had an Iced Coffee from McDonald's. As some of you may know these babies came out about 2 or 3 summers ago, they were only $1. I tried one (loved it) and drank them a lot that summer. Since then I just fell off the wagon or fell back on to the Starbucks wagon. I also stopped again this morning just for another one of these. Again don't judge me. I also really like McDonald's in general. Watching Super Size me will not change my mind, ever. I really don't eat there that much so you don't have to worry about me dying of a heart attack early in life. Please try one of these sweet little creations while the weather is warm outside. My favorite is sugar-free vanilla (which is only 90cal for the medium incase you care!) Hope you all have a great Monday! I'll be thinking of you from my warm bed! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Our night without lights.

Last night during the Oscar's Ryan and I had the misfortune of loosing power! We lit about 4 candles in the living room, waited around for about 10 minutes for the power to come back on and when it didn't we decided to turn in.

Can you even believe that not that long ago people lived without power? I totally understand the original need for daylight savings! Those extra hours of daylight are so valuable when you only have candles. As we discovered last night, you really can't read very well with candles, wash your face, or put away the laundry. Especially when you don't want to drip wax all over your house. I actually thought it was nice to be without power, it provoked conversation between Ryan and me as well as helped me fall asleep faster than I usually do! I woke up feeling more refreshed than normal. Maybe all you need is a night without lights with your honey to feel refreshed too?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Money, Money, Money

I have a confession to make, my eyes are green just about all the time these days. As in green with envy. I litterally feel like I want everything I see which mostly just makes me want things other people have. Lately I have really wanted a new bathing suit. I have also wanted a nice camera for years and now a lot {Jenna and Rachel} of my friends have one and that makes me green too. BUT as you all know I got married last year and the very last thing on my husband's mind is spending money. All he seems to talk about is

that's right 401k's, roth IRA's, and retirement. I am 24 years old people! It is driving me crazy! I know deep down in my heart that I have an amazing husband and {apparently} we will be able to retire in our 50's. Which is really exciting because I don't want to work for the rest of my life. I actually don't want to work tomorrow, so retirement would be good, but sometimes I would just like to buy all this

and make over our bedroom. I am praying that I will be more focused on building up treasure where it really matters, but sometimes it is really hard to not get sucked into this world. Please think about me and pray that I will not become cosumed in earthly treasures.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Terranea Resort

While I do not normally watch the Bachelor Ryan and I tuned in last night. In case you didn't already know, we were really disappointed with the ending, but we did find out some fun news. Next week Jason and Molly are getting married at Terranea Resort which is were Ryan and I spend out honeymoon! Just like Katie said it is so fun to see the beautiful place where you made so many fun memories! I hope you can all tune in so you to can get a little taste of what it was like to be on my honeymoon! And then we can talk about it since you all know I really like to talk! :)

Here is a little preview of one of my favorite places...

Also I feel like I should say I was really not overly excited about going to California for my honeymoon. I guess I really felt like I should go someone more exotic {mostly Hawaii or Fuji}. Please don't judge me for being shallow in this sense but as God always does he more than humbled me. I have never been treated so well or pampered like I was on my honeymoon. Props to my husband and my mother in law for picking this amazing place! I really hope we can afford to go back super soon!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I love it when were crusin' together

I hope you all had a beautiful holiday! I really enjoyed my first Valentine's Day being married. I think that the best part about being married was the gift I got this year. Ry is taking me on a cruise! While I already knew this {about a month ago} because I had to get off work it is still super fun to look forward to! And have an excuse to take a little trip to Macy's to buy a new bathing suit when everyone else is buying coats and boots to keep warm in this weather...

Now don't get me wrong I love a little snow storm but I am ready for a little Vitamin D! I am actually quite excited for this little storm because I chose to not go to work tomorrow and Ryan is {probably} going to stay home with me tomorrow! We are going buy our new suits and get packed because on Thursday

we will be leaving cold cold Lexington to get on this Royal Caribbean ship! I can not wait, I need some sun and I have never been on a cruise before!

Sending you love from the Bahama islands!

P.S. Take a listen to this oldie when you get a chance! Crusin by Smokey Robinson it reminds me of my parents dancing at some wedding receptions and it is very fitting for a cruise!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Since You've (I've) Been Gone!

It seems like it has been forever since I have connected with my blog friends. I kinda felt like I was blogging too much and let's face it, I wasn't really working in November and December so I had A LOT more time on my hands. I didn't really thing anyone cared about what I had to say or anything really then MUCH to my surprise a bunch of people told me they missed reading my blog! This was almost enough encouragement, but when my father-in-law said he missed my blog I knew I had to get back to it! So, since you've been gone I have been one busy nurse, wife, and new homeowner! I started a new job and it has taken me a little while to get used to working full time again. Now on to my projects..

I finished my little entry way project! I bought a mirror and found a few cute boxes to fill the bookshelf. I also found a better way to make use of my shutter by using clips to hold things up!

Some of you my not remember the set up of my living room previously, but now we have two couches and a lot more seating! Ryan really likes that we each have our own couch! We are both excited to have more space for our friends when they come over!

Finally the biggest project of all! I painted stripes in our little half bath a few weeks ago! I think it looks pretty awesome and a little surprised how well it turned out! If any of you want to try stripes I have some tips to make things easier on you! Now on to a project I would like to complete in the next few weeks...

I just borrowed this fancy sewing machine from my awesome bible study leader Frankie on Sunday! Mind you I have NEVER sewed before. (Well I have pushed things through but I have never set anything up or cut any fabric on my own) My mom is an awesome seamstress so I never really had any reason to learn in the past, but now I don't live with my mom is unfortunately she doesn't live close so I would like to try my hand a some little projects on my own. I WILL leave altering expensive dressing, making clothes, fancy pillows, and curtains to her. I really just want to recover some ugly pillows that's it for now! So wish me luck! I have not yet bought any fabric but I may venture out today! Hope you all have a great day!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Family Christmas

We have had the best week visiting my parents, but of course I would say that. I really think Ryan has enjoyed himself too!

Here we are ice skating last night! We had so much fun! Please disregard my ugly warm clothes, we did not come prepared to go ice skating. Everyone joined us except my Dad he took all of the pictures. I again learned that my husband is a natural at ice skating, like he is with most activities. I am glad our kids will get his genes! {hopefully}

Here is a picture of my brother and sister ice skating as well. Again please disregard my brother facial hair. He is really into swimming and they do this {not shaving any body hair} every year during the regular season. Thankfully it will come off at the end of February. Megan's goofy face originates from her allergic to physical contact and since Logan is touching her you get that face, but that is really a whole other story. Tonight we went to church and then out to eat for a wonderful entirely too filling dinner.

This is Ryan and me at dinner tonight.

This photo is about the 14th try from my dad and as you can tell Megan and I lost our patience :) Now we are all home cuddled up on the couch enjoying this...

I hope you all get to enjoy some laughs with your family during this wonderful time of year. "I love to smile, smiling is my favorite"

P.S. Please do not hate me because I use my iphone to take pictures, I love all of your real photos I just lost my camera cable so I can't really upload photos :)